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      Home » Project Case » Africa

      150T/D Testliner Pulping Project Egypt

      Leizhan signed contract to supply full set 150t/d Testliner, Fluting, White board paper, T-paper pulp production project for Egypt Al- Karma Paper Industries.

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      Fluting Paper Making System In Egypt

      150t/d corrugated/fluting paper and pulp manufacturing system for Egypt paper plant, It contains stock preparation system and paper machinery system.

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      Toilet Tissue Roll Making Project Egypt

      Leizhan to offer the full tissue-making system from the stock preparation to tissue paper production machinery to Egypt paper mill.

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      7T kraft paper production line Zambia

      The customer from Zambia got in touch with us, they stated that their paper mill planed to improve the exsiting 7T kraft paper turn key project, and purchased some machines…

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      Paper Pulp Machine in South Africa

      Leizhan delivers paper pulp machine HD Series sludge dewatering machine for 25t/d tissue paper making line of South Africa customer.

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      Paper Pulp Plant in Zambia

      Zambia paper pulp plant purchased our products such as D type Hydrapulper, doctor blade,cutting machine ,paper felt etc.

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      Pulp Equipment

      Leizhan pulp equipment can be satisfied your production and quality requirements, it contains the following categories :

      Pulper Equipment

      Screening Equipment

      Refiner Equipment

      Cleaner Equipment

      Conveyor & Agitator

      Thickener Equipment


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