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      Home » Project Case » Asia (Page 2)

      120,000T Testliner Paper Making Plant Yunnan

      Leizhan will deliver complete set of Paper board pulp production line machine for waste paper processing for Yunnan Kunming Minhai Paper Industry Co., Ltd.

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      Fluting Paper Pulp Processing Machine Syria

      Leizhan delivered pulp processing equipment like High Density Cleaner, Rope Cutter, Vibrating Screen for Syria paper mill’s 150t/d Corrugated paper making line.

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      Kraft Paper Making Equipment In Saudi Arabia

      Leizhan have exported main pulp making equipment and paper machine spare parts for reconstruction project of Saudi Arabia paper mill’s Kraft paper making line.

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      Paper Pulp Production Line in Bangladesh

      Bangladesh customer decided to chose our company as the supplier for supplying the whole paper pulp production line equipment for its new Container board paper making project.

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      Waste Paper Recycling Line for Paper Making Vietnam

      By using Leizhan first class stock preparation machienry and paper making machinery, the Vietnam can produce top quality kraft, corrugated paper and T-paper.

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      New Testliner, White Board Paper Production Project in Vietnam

      Leizhan to supply Vietnam paper mill the whole Testliner, White Board Paper Prodution Turn-key Project for its new waste paper processing line.

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      400T/D Corrugated Paper Stock Preparation System Henan, China

      , Leizhan supplied a 400T/D corrugated paper stock preparation system for Zhengzhou Kanghua Paper Mill. BFW series chain conveyor and ZG series drum pulper is made of stainless steel.

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      300T/D Testliner/Fluting Paper Making Line Successfully In Operation

      Leizhan supplied the whole testliner/corrugated paper production line for Yufeng paper mill to produce high quality testliner/fluting paper.

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      450T/D Kraft Liner&Fluting Paper Production Line Hubei, China

      Leizhan supplied many state-of-art paper making equipments for the 450t/d kraft liner&fluting liner paper production at Xingfengyuan Paper Plant, China

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      Corrugated/Testliner?Paper Stock Preparation Project Jiangsu

      Leizhan supplied a complete corrugated paper stock preparation project for the paper mill. Paper machines like Drum pulper, Mid consistency pressure screen are included in the delivery.

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