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      Home » Project Case » Asia (Page 3)

      600T/D T-Paper, Fluting&Testliner Paper Production Line Henan

      Leizhan supplied 600T/D T-Paper, Fluting&Testliner Paper production line Henan contains: Locc paper pulp processing system and Paper machine approach flow system

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      450T/D T-Paper, Fluting&Testliner Paper Production Line Henan

      Leizhan supplied whole corrugated paper stock preparation turn-key project: Locc paper pulp system, Paper machine approach flow system, Rewinder machine broke paper processing system for the customer.

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      Leizhan-supplied Corrugated Paper Making Line?in Sichuan

      Leizhan’s delivery included a complete corrugated paper stock preparation line for Sichuan Shifang Renliang Paper Mill. Fluting paper manufacturing line has a 300 t/d production capacity.

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      300T/D White Board Paper, Fluting&Kraft Paper Line Hubei

      Leizhan paper machinery for the new White Board Paper,Fluting&Kraft Paper line manufacturing project have successfully commissioning at Chu Yan Industry&Trade Co., Ltd

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      New kraft paper process line In India

      Leizhan delivery range from paper pulping system, kraft paper making machinery, accessory equipment and spare parts to PLC control system and engineering.

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      50t/d Testliner Paper Production project Oman

      The whole set of 50t/d testliner paper production equipment to paper mill in Oman, contains stock preparation system & paper manufacturing equipment.

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      7t/d Tissue Paper Turn-key project Iran

      Leizhan supplied a set of 7t/d tissue paper production project to the paper mill in Iran featuring stock preparation system & paper manufacturing equipment.

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      60t/d corrugated paper manufacturing project in Bengal

      A customer from Bengal has invested in a new 60t/d corrugated paper manufacturing line from Leizhan, it is working well. Fluting paper processing turn-key project & manufacturing equipment supplied…

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      Toilet/tissue paper machine manufacture line India

      The guests from India were invited to see our workshop, and the contract on supplying high-tech toilet paper manufacture machine between Leizhan and Indian paper mill has been signed.

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      150T kraft liner board paper production line Iran

      The customer from Iran inquired about 150T kraft liner board paper production line. To set up a kraft liner paper line whose output is 150t/d for high-grade kraft liner board paper…

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