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      Delivery / Installation

      Home » Delivery / Installation

      200,000T White Board Paper Making Project

      Anhui customer has a new 200,000 tons white board paper making project. The complete set of paper pulping equipment was successfully signed for our company Leizhan.

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      150T Corrugated Paper Making Project

      150t corrugated/ fluting paper making line machine shipped to Egypt. The paper making project also used in white testliner paper or T-paper. Leizhan offer complete corrugated paper making line machine.

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      300,000 Tons Packaging Paper Making Project

      Large capacity 300,000 tons packaging paper making project shipped to Henan province. Leizhan offer pulper machine, pulp screening machine and pulp cleaning machine, etc. Leizhan offer unit stock preparation line machine.

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      Paper Pulping Line Machine For XinXiang Customer

      Xinxiang customers have been our company’s partners for many years. Our company Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of paper pulping and paper making machine.

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      Stock Preparation Line Machine Shipped to Sichuan

      Full set stock preparation line machine shipped to Sichuan paper mill. Drum pulper, chain conveyor, d type pulper for paper making project. Stock preparation line machine supplier.

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      Copy Paper Making Line Machine Shipped to Xinxiang

      Professional manufacturer of stock preparation line machine, copy paper making line machine shipped to Xinxiang. Waste paper recycling pulping machine supplier. High efficiency, high quality and low energy consumption.

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      120T White Board Paper Making Project

      120T white board fluting paper making machine shipped to Egypt. The customer ordered pulping machine, pulp screening machine and pulp cleaning machine from Leizhan company. Leizhan are able to offer full set stock preparation line machine in paper recycling industry.

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      Vibrating Screen For Paper Mill

      Vibrating screen for paper mill mainly used to screening and removing various impurities in pulp suspension. High quality vibrating screen for paper pulp production line.

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      Tissue line Equipment For Guangxi Customer

      If you want to konw more about our company , please free to email us. Email: leizhanmachine@gmail.com

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      60T Kraft Fluting Paper Making Project

      Whole set 60t kraft fluting paper making machine shipped to Angola. As professional manufacturer, leizhan offer unit kraft fluting paper making line machine. Pulp pulper, pulp screening machine, pulp cleaning machine, etc.

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      Pulp Equipment

      Leizhan pulp equipment can be satisfied your production and quality requirements, it contains the following categories :

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